Magazine Reporting Focus

Students who focus their MS degree on magazine journalism will be expected to complete 12 courses (48 credits) designed to achieve three major goals:

  1. Mastery of the basics of journalism and a full understanding of the history, principles, ethics, laws and practices of the profession;
  2. Working knowledge of major elements of writing for magazines;
  3. The ability to work in more than one format or medium.

Magazine students expect to be generalists as well as experts in one form of print journalism (magazines) and should take courses as well in a cross-section of courses that expand their knowledge and ability by learning to work in at least one other format, such as the Internet, radio or television. Familiarity with other journalistic formats increases your versatility and is designed to take into account the many formats used to convey news and informed opinion.

The subject and format electives may be chosen from the lists to the right or from other offerings in the University catalog with permission of your advisor.

Students who want to participate in the State House program need to enroll in JO 511 (Covering Politics) and JO 546 (Filing for Newspapers.) These courses will substitute for their subject-area electives. JO 722 is waived. A similar approach is used for the Washington Program.

Any request to vary from the requirements must be petitioned for approval by your adviser and the department chair.