Lou Ureneck

Lou Ureneck, Professor of Journalism

Lou Ureneck has broad experience as a print and online journalist. He was the deputy managing editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, in charge of the Inquirer’s front page and nightly news operation. Read his complete biography, and check out his blog.

Other Faculty

School of Management

The Business and Economics Journalism Program also relies on faculty from Boston University’s School of Management and Department of Economics for the strength of its course content.

The academic departments and programs of the School of Management at Boston University have been ranked among the top nationally and internationally.

The School’s faculty includes business leaders and scholars from around the globe. They bring to the classroom the experience of world-class scholars, the dynamism of leaders who consult, do research, publish, and lecture globally and a commitment to combine their passion for teaching with their management expertise.

School of Management Faculty

Department of Economics

Over the last fifteen years, through the acquisition of a number of distinguished senior and junior faculty, the Department of Economics at Boston University has grown into one of the leading economics departments in the world. A recent publications-based ranking of U.S. economics departments placed it seventh among U.S. departments, tying Yale and leading Stanford and Berkeley.

Strengths in the department include development economics, game theory, health economics, industrial organization, international trade and finance, labor economics, macroeconomics, microeconomic theory, public enterprise, regulation, and public finance.

Department of Economics Faculty