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Business & Economics Journalism

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Lou UreneckThe most important journalism being done today is in the field of business and economics. It is an exciting and lucrative field with enormous opportunities for professional growth and personal fulfillment…

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Business and economics reporting is one of the most exciting fields in journalism. The graduate program at Boston University is designed to accommodate students with or without previous experience working in or studying business and economics. The principal prerequisite is curiosity about the world.

Our Master of Science in Business & Economics Journalism (MSBEJ) program offers a hands-on professional curriculum designed to produce top journalists in the field. Students not only learn how companies and markets function, but write articles that appear in daily newspapers and business journals as well as the Web. Students will meet with key business editors and reporters and take part in print, broadcast or online internships that hone their skills and knowledge.

Boston, an international business city with leading industries ranging from banking and finance to insurance and biotechnology, offers outstanding opportunities to cover and learn about business. The city also features a variety of respected financial news outlets in print, broadcast and online.

Talented journalists capable of uncovering the real stories behind the numbers are in demand throughout the world. In addition, because virtually every beat has a business angle, a background in the field makes any job candidate more attractive.


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