Who we are

The Boston University Program for Global Health Storytelling (formerly the Program on Crisis Response and Reporting) is a bold, multi-disciplinary initiative that seeks to explore the intersection between public health and journalism when confronting complex health challenges and the global response.The Program for Global Health Storytelling is founded on the principle of “one BU” in that we draw on the expertise of scholars and practitioners from the College of Communication (COM), School of Public Health (SPH) and Center for Global Health & Development (CGHD). We also have a partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting in Washington, D.C., an independent news organization dedicated to promoting high-quality international journalism on complex topics.

There is a symbiotic relationship between journalists and health workers. In times of crisis, health workers and journalists are the first to arrive on the scene. The public health community needs journalists to communicate accurate news to the appropriate audiences and journalists need health workers to learn about the issues of concern. By building a stronger collaboration between the two professions, we hope to provide more accurate reporting, and increase awareness about global health topics.

Our objective is to examine the separate, but sometimes overlapping missions of journalism and public health, and to investigate the connection between data collection, reporting and the delivery of health and humanitarian services. Our goal is to use narrative storytelling to understand how these disciplines impact individuals and larger populations. Every year we send students into the field, usually to the developing world, to report on global health issues.
This collaboration has three primary objectives:

  1. An annual conference on global health and journalism
  2. Student fellowships for global health storytelling
  3. Participation in the Pulitzer Center’s Campus Consortium

For Further Information: Contact Anne Donohue in COM or Jennifer Beard in SPH