Film & Television

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Major Requirements

  • Four required core courses.
  • Five additional Department of Film & Television courses.
  • A concentration of 3 College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) courses in the same subject area, at 300 level or higher.

Required Courses


Students who choose to take both FT303 AND FT250 DO NOT need to select an additional studies course.

If you take FT250 (but not FT303): Choose one film studies course with an international focus from a list of currently available courses.

If you take FT303 (but not FT250): Choose one television studies course from a list of currently available courses updated each semester here.

Program Electives

Pick five classes from those listed below.

Film & TV Studies


General Electives



Any FT300 or above course not listed may count toward a Film & Television program elective.

Special Topics courses change each semester. Current offerings and descriptions are listed with course registration information.

Some courses have prerequisites which are not listed above. All Film & Television requirements, prerequisites and course descriptions are listed on the Boston University Academics website.

Students are also required to attend two (2) Cinematheque events per semester.