Film & Television

Undergraduate Degree in Film & TV


COM Film & Television students…

  • Prepare for a variety of career opportunities in film, television and related industries
  • Develop a foundation for graduate study
  • Follow their interests and career goals by taking advantage of flexible programming
  • Gain support from an active alumni community

Cinema & Media Studies

At Boston University, students can pursue the BA in Cinema & Media Studies (CIMS) while enrolled either in the College of Arts & Sciences or in the College of Communication. BU’s major draws on a combined CAS/COM faculty with expertise spanning American film and television, the national and regional cinemas of Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and the transnational flow of electronic and digital media. Options within the major include study abroad, a local internship, senior honors research, and/or a course or two in the crafts of film production and screenwriting.

The undergraduate program leading to the BS degree in Film & Television provides a comprehensive exploration of film, TV, and new media while ensuring that students receive a strong liberal arts education.

Four focal points of the program:

  • Studies
  • Screenwriting
  • Production
  • Management/Producing

Students learn from those who came before them, practice the art of storytelling through their writing and apply what they have learned in their production courses.

Courses are taught by a diverse faculty of accomplished filmmakers, scholars, and writers, representing a wide range of approaches and backgrounds, who have earned national and international distinction in their areas.

Both undergraduate and graduate students may participate in our Los Angeles Internship Programs to enhance their education and gain professional experience.

Students declare their major in the Film & Television Department in the spring of their sophomore year. Although there are certain department courses required of all majors, students have options for tailoring a curriculum that fits their individual interests and career goals. Students may take additional hands-on production, screenwriting or critical studies courses beyond the required minimum, as well as take electives from the rest of the University.

The College of Communication provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for instruction in studio and field production in both high-definition video and film and extensive digital post-production editing suites.

Cleveland O’Neal III is the Founder, President & CEO of Connection III Entertainment Corp. He talks about the humble beginnings of his career with Ashley Davis.

Film & Television Opportunities



butv10 and its companion website is Boston University’s student-produced and — managed television station. Established in 2005, butv10 is a University-wide resource that presents the work of students, faculty and alumni via campus channel 10, live streaming video and on-demand web content.


Neighborhood Network News

Since 1984, Neighborhood Network News has been covering Boston on the local community access cable television channel. Airing Monday through Friday, NNN is produced by the Boston Community Access and Programming Foundation, in cooperation with Boston University.


Hothouse Productions

Students can master a wide spectrum of professional skills such as directing, producing, writing and casting at Hothouse Productions — a video production company based in COM.


WTBU radio

WTBU is Boston University’s student radio station, broadcasting online on, on the BU cable TV system channel 6 and in selected buildings on campus on either 640 AM or 89.3 FM. WTBU offers listeners music, news and sports. The station is entirely staffed by volunteer students under the supervision of a faculty advisor.