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Hothouse Productions shoots a music video for Beantown Swing's version of "The Trolley Song" at the Cleveland Circle Train Yard. The music video stars Jen Hirsh and John Stevens, two contestants from "American Idol."

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“I was extremely pleased with the results, which were above and beyond my expectations. What I especially liked was the students’ enthusiasm for the projects and the efficiency that they worked with in getting things done, especially in getting so many quality shots in such a short time frame. Hollywood could take some pointers from them!”Frank Hsieh, Director, Beantown Swing Orchestra

Hothouse Productions is a class that operates as a student run, client-driven production company.  As such, we work with clients in the community on projects such as PSA’s, fundraising videos and mini-documentaries.

We ask that the client first meet with students to discuss the direction of the project and any needs or issues.  Once the students accept the project, the client will receive a production agreement and returning it with a check for $500 before the production process begins. This $500 deposit is non-refundable.

The client is involved at every step of the production process.  After the production agreement, the client gets a budget, which must be approved.  The budget is based on the project’s requirements as determined by the client.  The costs vary depending on the client’s needs and requirements.  The client can make changes to the production’s script, as well as the rough cut of the final piece.

We ask clients to be prepared to spend at least $1,000.  The budget may be more or less, but the client must have at least that amount to commit to the project (in addition to the $500 deposit).  Clients do not pay for the hours the students put in as shooters, editors, and producers, and there is no cost for equipment; however, expenses in other areas such as actors, meals, travel, and location fees do add up.

Students are eager to do a wide variety of productions so please let us know if you would like to discuss your project in detail. Want to get started?

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