Film & Television

Join the ranks of top executives at Bravo, NBCUniversal, Comcast, A+E Network and CBS Entertainment


Graduate Degree in Television

Our Alumni

  • Andy Cohen, Senior VP of Production & Programming at Bravo
  • Debbie Liebling, President of Television, Red Hour Productions
  • Sabrina Wind, Executive Producer, “Desperate Housewives”
  • Ted Harbert, President & CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group
  • Bonnie Hammer, President of NBC Universal Cable

The Television program is a three-semester, 48-credit program leading to a Master of Science degree. The MS degree in television provides graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete successfully in the ever-changing world of telecommunications. The television program recognizes that to enjoy productive and rewarding careers in this world, graduates must be able to meet the challenge of cultural, economic, and technological change. The curriculum is designed to give students the tools they need to seek professional careers in production, management, programming, marketing, teaching, and criticism.

Our graduates must combine professional skills with an understanding of the nature of the telecommunications industry and its complex relationship with different audiences and their cultures. On the creative side, the program stresses that it is the producer who is the intellectual driving force behind all television production, and that he or she must have a mastery of basic technical skills and a developed aesthetic sensibility. But the producer, in turn, has to adapt to structural changes in the industry. Management skills, essential in the successful completion of each production, are also essential to the economic welfare of the industry. New distribution technologies, including broadband and mobile devices plan an increasing role as well. Accordingly, graduates who are drawn to the many different careers available in the telecommunications business may choose courses that concentrate in this area.

Alumni of the Television Program are found in a wide variety of jobs at all levels in the telecommunications industry, both within the United States and, increasingly, in key positions in national broadcasting institutions throughout the world. Many of them are successful independent producers in documentary, educational, industrial, and other video work. Our alumni provide an invaluable network of experienced professionals who can assist new graduates with advice on career opportunities, and in some cases, hire them for entry-level jobs.

Gregg Fienberg, legendary creative producer for television (Twin Peaks) and movies (Gods and Monsters), visited Boston University for a lecture on October 21, 2010. Fienberg now serves as executive producer of the hit HBO series, True Blood.


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