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Degree Requirements

Media business models, financial principles, multiplatform entertainment marketing, the latest software and hardware, the firsthand stories of agents and execs—what else will you learn in one year?

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MS Media Ventures


Media in Evolution (4 credits)

Examines the business of entertainment media industries. History, structure, business models, regulatory and social issues will be discussed. An assessment of the emergence of new media businesses, and how technology, content distribution, and viewer preferences are changing the definition of traditional media. 4 cr.

The Media Money Trail: Funding, Expansion, and the Road to Profitability (4 credits)

This course examines the critical financial and strategic challenges that business face whether they are in start-up, expansion, or exit mode. Students will use case studies to delve into the lives of the founders and CEOs of the some of the world’s most innovative and enduring brands. i.e. Groupon, Amazon, and HBO, and will learn why some business models become game-changers while others fail. 4 cr.

Creating New Ideas (4 credits)

This course gives students the practical knowledge and skills needed to begin the development of a core business idea, identifying its revenue models, and shaping and building a product prototype. This will be the first phase of the final thesis project/presentation (a business plan) which will be completed during the LA portion of the program. Classes will include guest speakers from various business sectors including investment professionals, entrepreneurs, attorneys, and marketing experts who are skilled in the specific needs of launching a new business. 4 cr.

Emerging Media Studies (4 credits)

Introducing emerging and new media from a variety of perspectives, including social and psychological. Social science research perspectives on emerging media effects and policy issues surrounding emerging media form the second half of the course. Applications of theory to a variety of topics and social issues will be discussed. 4 cr.

Elective (4 credits)


Multi-platform Entertainment Marketing: Design Thinking (4 credits)

Design Thinking aggregates the best principles from creative development processes and gives students and experts alike a framework from which to build successful organizations and products. Applying this framework to the challenges of marketing in a multiplatform digital consumer environment will be the core focus of this course. Students will gain an understanding of design thinking as well as the complexities of each major sector of multiplatform marketing – from TV and social media to mobile and tablets, consoles and other areas. 4 

Entertainment Promotion Speakers Series (4 credits)

This course provides a unique opportunity to meet publicists, entrepreneurs, innovators, agents, managers, and executives, among others, who will discuss their role and real life experience in developing and guiding entertainment and technology projects and companies (i.e. movies, music, startups, new media, and digital, etc.) to success. The course surveys such projects and companies while assisting students to identify their passion and skills in order to better position themselves for their next step. 4 cr.

Modern Media Ventures (4 credits)

Through a distinct course design of lecture, reading, professional exposure and real-world project scenarios, students will develop an enhanced familiarity with the effects of technological advancement. – cultivating specific understanding as to how technology is influencing the media landscape, where it is creating opportunity for fiscal gain and its inevitable consequence on consumer and commercial behavior in both an immediate and lasting regard. 4 cr.

Internship (Start-Up) (4 credits)

To be taken at a media start-up or young media company. On site professional training with the goal of introducing students to the culture of a start-up company, to learn what goes into building a media business from the ground up. 4 cr.


Graduate Media Seminar (4 credits)

The course will focus on media start-ups, preparation of business plans and private placement memoranda, operating agreements and subscription papers, investor agreements, intellectual property matters (including trademark, copyright and patent), intellectual property rights acquisitions, protections and management (including non-disclosure agreements and submission releases) and basic media law, ethics and privacy matters. 4 cr.

Internship (Traditional Media) (4 credits)

To be taken at an integrated media division of a traditional media company. On-site professional training. Students will experience how traditional media departments are using emerging media to extend their brand and to develop new constituencies. 4 cr.

Thesis Project (4 credits)

Beginning in the fall semester, students will each develop a new media business product or service, complete with prototype, business and marketing plans. Students will present their capstone project to a panel of media professionals and successful entrepreneurs. 4 cr.

MBA/MS Media Ventures


  • MG700: Ethical and Global Foundations (1 credit)
  • PL727: Organizations, Markets, and Society (3 credits)
  • QM716: Business Analytics: Data Analysis and Risk (3 credits)
  • AC710: Financial Reporting and Analysis (3 credits)
  • OM725: Creating Value Through Operations and Technology (3 credits)
  • MK723: Marketing Management (3 credits)
  • FE721: Finance I (3 credits)


  • PL700: Introduction to Business Law (2 credits)
  • IS710: IT Strategies for a Networked Economy (3 credits)
  • OB713: Managing Organizations and People (3 credits)
  • SI750: Competition, Innovation, and Strategy (3 credits)
  • MBA Elective (3 credits)
  • Global Engagement Elective (3 credits)


  • ES724: Professional Skills 1 credit
  • MG790: Ethical Leadership in a Global Economy 3 credits
  • FT701: Media in Evolution 4 credits
  • FT703: Creating New Ideas 4 credits
  • CM500: Emerging Media Studies 4 credits

SPRING (Los Angeles)

  • CM561 HL: Entertainment Promotion and Marketing 4 credits
  • CM561 HW: Entertainment Promotion Speaker Series 4 credits
  • FT552: Modern Media Ventures 4 credits
  • FT953: Internship (Media Start-up) 4 credits

SUMMER (Los Angeles)

  • FT856: Graduate Media Seminar 4 credits
  • FT825: Thesis Project 4 credits
  • FT954: Internship (Traditional Media) 4 credits

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