Film & Television

A program supported by the BU's Kaiser Center's massive media collection & Boston’s renowned venues


MFA in Film: Film and Television Studies

The Film and Television Studies program is a four-semester, 64-credit program leading to a Master of Fine Arts degree. The program is devoted to giving students a solid, broad-based education in many aspects of film, television and media studies. Its mission comprises:



  • The appreciation and comparative study of film, television, video and media as art forms
  • The study of film, television, video and media’s historical, political and sociocultural dimensions
  • The comparative study of theories for understanding moving-image media and their various contexts

Regular course offerings include:

  • Introductions to American and international cinema history (including a special course on silent film) and introductions to film, television and media theory
  • Particular modes of production (the Hollywood blockbuster)
  • Minority representation (African American representation, gay and lesbian representation)
  • Two areas of special emphasis are American independent film and the history and theory of avant-garde film and experimental media, taught in whole sequences and clusters of courses.
  • Special topics courses in global cinema history, including various periods of German, French, British, Italian and Eastern-bloc cinema; surveys and select aspects of developing world cinema and Asian cinema; and international movements and new waves.

Graduate students in their last semester may write a graduate thesis (optional) on a topic related to various aspects of film and media. Past theses include:

  • “The Films of Cary Grant”
  • “The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky”
  • “Hong Kong Action Cinema”
  • “The Documentaries of Werner Herzog”
  • “Class Respresentations in Contemporry Hollywood Films”
  • “The Films of Jacques Tourneur”
  • “Sub-Saharan AIDS Videos”
  • “The Cinema of Maya Deren”
  • “The Films of Todd Haynes”
  • “Australian Women Filmmakers”
  • “Contemporary Film Theory’s Approach to Cinematic Space”
  • “The City as Cinematic Character”

Film and Television Studies at Boston University are closely supported by the media collection at Boston University’s Krasker Media Center that comprises thousands of DVDs of current and historical titles and hundreds of Laser discs, VHS tapes and 16mm prints of archival rarities. Most courses in the program are taught in a 75-seat auditorium with multiple state-of-the-art projection technologies (35mm, 16mm, DVD, VHS, LD).

The Film and Television Studies Program works closely with many of the art house and revival theaters in the Boston/Cambridge area, such as the Coolidge Corner Theater, the Brattle Cinema, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Harvard Film Archive. The program’s graduate students have free access to screenings at the HFA, the MFA, and the Brattle and may be able to perform internships at some of these venues.

Further internship opportunities exist at the the summer internship and study programs in Madrid, London, Los Angeles, and Sydney. The Sydney Program is structured around the Sydney International Film Festival, where students have privileged access to the day-to-day operations (including screenings), while taking two courses.


For more information, contact the Director of Film & Television Studies, Roy Grundmann, at