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Graduate Degrees in Film & Television



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Video games aren’t
child’s play for COM grads


COM graduates have been well-positioned to recognize and grasp opportunities in the emerging video game industry — as writers for games such as The Beatles: Rock Band.

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For graduates, the Department of Film & Television offers a Master of Science (MS) degree program in Television and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree program in Film, with separate concentrations in Film Production, Screenwriting and Film and Television Studies. Although candidates apply to one of these concentrations, and if accepted follow its specified curriculum, graduate students participate in and gain from all three areas.

The MS Media Ventures program is designed for creative and enterprising students who want to take advantage of the explosion of technology and the opportunities that emerging media provide. A dual degree MS/MBA in Media Ventures is also available.

The programs and areas of study in the department are both academic and professional. Graduate students are expected to examine, probe and study the history and literature of their chosen field: its role in the communication process, its creative and technical development, its organization, its economic impact and development, and its aesthetic, social, and cultural developments and implications. As part of its professional emphasis, the department provides an opportunity for practical work in both the classroom and the field.

Redstone-winning alumni, Josh Safdie (COM ’07) and Benny Safdie (COM ’08), share the process of funding their first feature film, “The Pleasure of Being Robbed” (2008). The film ran at major film festivals such as Cannes and South by Southwest.

All Film & Television courses, prerequisites and course descriptions are listed on the Boston University Academics website. Some courses have prerequisites which are not listed above.