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We prepare students for success in either the professional or academic world in the interrelated fields of film, television and new media.

There are degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level and an extensive study abroad program which includes a semester in Los Angeles.

Over the years, Film & Television graduates have turned out to be some of America’s most successful directors, screenwriters, editors, producers, executives and academics.

We are conscious of the fact that new technologies are transforming the landscape of traditional media, and we prepare our students to embrace and thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

Debbie Liebling (’81), former president of production at Universal Pictures, reflects on her years spent as Executive Producer for the animated hit television series “South Park.”

Cinema and Media Studies

Those interested in a comprehensive look at the history and theory of cinema in relation to liberal arts studies and modern perspectives on film should seek out our new joint major in Cinema and Media Studies.

At Boston University, students can pursue the BA in Cinema & Media Studies (CIMS) while enrolled either in the College of Arts & Sciences or in the College of Communication. BU’s major draws on a combined CAS/COM faculty with expertise spanning American film and television, the national and regional cinemas of Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and the transnational flow of electronic and digital media. Options within the major include study abroad, a local internship, senior honors research, and/or a course or two in the crafts of film production and screenwriting.