Why COM?

Learn from Faculty Across Departments and Disciplines

Leading the division is one of the foremost experts, educators, and authors in the field, Dr. James E. Katz. He is joined by Dr. Jacob Groshek, an internationally published researcher of new media. Our program draws faculty and expertise across all three departments of BU’s acclaimed College of Communication (COM)—Film & Television; Journalism; and Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations. To deepen your understanding of a chosen area of focus, you can take courses outside the college as well. At a world-class university like BU, you have a wealth of options.

Boston: A Hub of Brainpower, Business, and Technology.

Boston is home to more colleges and universities than any other U.S. city. It’s a center of intellectual and cultural energy, where some of the most respected institutions, biggest technology companies, and hottest entrepreneurs are transforming the media universe right now. All of this makes it the perfect place to connect with people and activities that stir your imagination.