Philosophy of Emerging Media Workshop

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October 25-27, 2013
Hotel Commonwealth
500 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215

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Important dates for
paper presenters

September 30: Draft papers to organizer for distribution to fellow attendees & commentators
November 20: Revised final papers submitted to organizer for publication preparation

The workshop’s purpose is to critique contemporary attempts to build a philosophy of media studies and then pursue a more adequate philosophy of emerging media. An important aspect of this inquiry is an emphasis on the concept of “emergence” of media as opposed to any particular instantiation of media technology or, for that matter, any particular technology. The workshop is small by design so that detailed and focused discussion can be given to the seven presentations. Papers will be distributed ahead of the event to attendees and commentators so that all will have an opportunity to read them before the workshop. In this way, the group’s time can be devoted to discussion and critique rather than listening to a fully elaborated argument. Each paper will be assigned a commentator. Authors will have 25 minutes to summarize their major points after which commentators will have 10 minutes to respond. The floor will then be opened for about 25 minutes of discussion. In addition to focusing on the papers themselves, we will look to participants to explore cross-cutting themes and areas in need of further analysis. Following the workshop, papers will be prepared for peer-reviewed publication.

Note-taking and video interviews
Graduate students will take notes on topics covered during discussion. This summary will be distributed to attendees as an aide–mémoire. We do not plan to make audio or video recordings of workshop discussions. However, to help develop materials that will interest and inform students and other scholars, we would like to interview presenters and commentators concerning the themes and implications of the discussion. Highlights from these interviews will be posted on our website. (We intend to use the Saturday rest interval to conduct these interviews).

Sponsored by Boston University’s Division of Emerging Media Studies
Organized by James E Katz, Feld Family Professor of Emerging Media, College of Communication
In cooperation with Prof. Juliet Floyd and the Department of Philosophy, Boston University