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  • Lecture: Have Universities Lost Their Way?

    Colleges and universities in the West derive from medieval bodies established primarily for teaching and training (principally in law and medicine). Their purposes were established by reference to a common culture, common goals, and a common source of normative authority. By stages, things changed with the reformation and the development of civic universities. The first colleges in North America, however, were again religious foundations based on the liberal arts. The 19th century saw serious questioning about the purposes and nature of higher education giving rise to some important debates and reforms. In the 20th century the trend has been to mass participation; and now in the 21st a number serious questions again arise about the current purposes and future viability of universities. Economic, social and technological changes create the need and the opportunity to question existing assumptions. Is the goal of mass higher education reasonable? What good are universities to society?... [ More ]

  • Call for Conference Papers

    CALL FOR PAPERS: VISUAL LEARNING: PICTURES – PARABLES – PARADOXES With the linguistic turn having become past history, and the iconic turn no doubt victorious, second thoughts are gradually arising: Is that victory not a much too complete one? Are philosophers, cognitive scientists, media theorists, and educationalists in particular, sufficiently aware of the dangers the neglect of a polished verbal logic and of verbal culture imply? Maintaining the right equilibrium between the pictorial and the verbal has once more become a burning issue. Conference to take place in Budapest, November 14–15, 2014 Conference organized by the Visual Learning Lab, Department of Technical Education, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. [ More ]