Concentration in Communication Studies

You love communication. Why not? It’s an expanding, exciting, exhilarating field that just keeps growing. But you don’t yet know which area you want to go into. You just may belong in the Communication Studies concentration of the Master’s program at Boston University College of Communication (COM).

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Unlike targeted programs such as Advertising and Applied Research, Communication Studies is broadly focused. So you can go in more directions and gain knowledge of more fields and disciplines. You’ll develop command of general communications strategies and skills—written, oral, and computer-mediated.

This is a three-semester program with six required courses and six elective courses. With six electives, you can explore the many avenues of communication and decide which is right for you. Or you may just decide you like the idea of being a generalist with wide-open possibilities.

Prepare for whatever

We mean that in a good way. General communication strategies and skills are applicable to many professional roles in a number of settings. The program prepares you for any career that requires excellent communication and writing skills, including management positions in organizations such as nonprofit groups, government agencies, media companies, and other commercial, educational or industrial settings. The program is also an excellent background if you want to go on to study for a more advanced degree in communication.

Make location work for you

Access one of our greatest resources: Boston. It’s the nation’s seventh-largest media market. Some of the world’s foremost advertising, media, marketing and communication firms call it home. Boston is a major center for high tech, medicine, finance, biotech, and education. There’s great culture, sports, entertainment and social life. Boston is a stimulating environment with a wealth of interning and career opportunities.

And, then, there’s Boston University itself, a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), an elite organization of 61 leading research universities in the United States and Canada. In the Boston area, only Harvard, MIT and Brandeis are also members. Take advantage of the extraordinary resources and intellectual opportunities. And join a vibrant, diverse student population.

It’s all about your career

Once you’ve earned your master’s, you’ll be a graduate both of a highly ranked communication college—COM—and an internationally renowned university—Boston University. You’ll have a strong, solid, valuable foundation of communication knowledge. And you’ll join a network of alumni that have excelled in virtually every field of the communication industry around the world. Your fellow alumni form a great professional resource throughout your career.

If you’re interested in a career in communication, you should be interested in Boston University College of Communication.

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