Alumni Outcomes

Students gain solid foundation in film and TV that gives them a well-poised opportunity to go into multiple career paths, including academic (PhD program, high school teacher) and non-academic careers.

Recent Alumni in PhD programs

  • Ben Dulavitch (MFA’18): PhD student, Film Studies, University of Iowa
  • Eric Forthun (MFA’17): PhD student, Media Studies, University of Texas at Austin
  • Jason Henson (MFA’17): PhD student, American and New England Studies, Boston University
  • Megan Hermida Lu (MFA’17): PhD student, American and New England Studies, Boston University
  • I-Lin Liu (MFA’17): PhD student, Film Studies, Indiana University-Bloomington
  • Austin Morris (MFA ’15): PhD student, Media and Cultural Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Reut Odinak (MFA’18): PhD student, American and New England Studies, Boston University

Recent Alumni in Industry

  • Jennifer Deluca, Allied Advertising, handles releases of new movies
  • Clay Farland, Panels Manager in Programming, Tribeca Film Festival NYC
  • Daniela Franco, Production Coordinator at WGBH
  • Tarek Korkomaz, Freelance director and cinematographer
  • Courtney O’Brien, Writer/Producer, Turner Classic Movies in Atlanta
  • David Nugent: Artistic Director, Hamptons International Film Festival; started at Rhode Island Film Festival
  • Alison Messing, National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC
  • Kristen Lauerman: second in command (Development Officer) with programming at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Recent Alumni Profiles

  • Logan Taylor graduated from the Film & Television Studies program in 2014, and now works for the SXSW Film Festival.
  • Jason Henson graduated in 2017 and is now pursuing his PhD in American & New England Studies.