Master of Science in Mass Communication (JD/MS dual degree)

The Department of Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations and the Boston University School of Law provide a dual-degree program. Students who recognize the added benefits of special training in the technological, marketing and legal changes that are occurring so rapidly today find this a great opportunity to earn a law degree and a master’s degree in mass communication in about three-and-a-half years, taking all the required courses from both institutions. If you want to do this unique and challenging program, you must be accepted by our college and by BU School of Law. Details on course requirements and how to apply are in our college catalog. Should you have further questions, you may contact Professor T. Barton Carter, who is a lawyer and a member of the LAW faculty at

Because of the fast-paced change in law due to the impact of new communications technologies and media, there are ever-growing opportunities for jobs in law firms and in the communications industry that put you in high demand due to your unique training in this dual degree program.

The growth of new communication technologies has created a need for lawyers with special training in the technological, marketing, and legal changes brought about by a wide spectrum of new media. Recognizing the dramatic impact of these changes, the School of Law and the College of Communication at Boston University offer a dual degree program that allows the student to acquire a law degree and a master’s degree in mass communication (normally a three-year plus a year-and-a-half sequence) in an accelerated program of seven semesters.

It is expected that many graduates of the program will work as in-house counsel for new communication technologies companies. Others will serve with government agencies concerned with communications law, or with law firms practicing in that field. This program also provides a solid grounding for future journalists who wish to report on legal affairs.

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