Students in the Film and Television Studies track will:

  • Have a foundational comprehension of the industrial and creative histories of film and television—a comprehension that will allow them to analyze how these media continue to develop together and separately.
  • Be able to identify and explain the contributions of key artists and producers in film and television.
  • Be able to use proper terminology and critical methods to analyze, research, and write about film and television artifacts.
  • Be able to engage with these film and television artifacts as discrete units and to locate them within their larger artistic, social, political, cultural, ideological, and economic contexts.

Students in the Producing/Management track will:

  • Be able to pitch TV story ideas for talk shows, reality shows, and documentaries.
  • Be able to write professional TV projects and proposals.
  • Be exposed to professional work environments, cultural events, and media trends.

Students in the Production track will be able to:

  • Connect the formal attributes of the project to a particular film/tv movement or period and to discuss the contributions of the key creative figures of that movement or period.
  • Demonstrate practical competency in the key elements of film and television production—including directing, camerawork, lighting, audio recording, editing and producing.
  • Understand the “language” of Film/TV
  • Write and develop original Film/TV projects and scripts

Students in the Screenwriting track will

  • Have an understanding of how to properly format a screenplay and/or teleplay, utilizing industry standards.
  • Be able to deliver narrative story structure through a combination of characterization, conflict and theme.
  • Be able to develop the necessary skills to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of produced work, as well as the work of their peers.
  • Be able to illustrate an advanced understanding of cinematic storytelling for the screen.

Program Requirements

And one of the following:

Additional Studies Requirement

Students who choose to take both FT 303 AND FT 250 do NOT need to select this additional studies course.

FOREIGN CINEMA STUDIES [Prereq: FT 250 (formerly FT360)]

If you take FT250 (but not FT303): Choose one film studies course with an international focus.*


If you take FT303 (but not FT250): Choose one designated TV studies course.*

Program Electives (choose five)






Additional Degree Requirement

All Film & Television majors are required to attend two (2) Cinematheque events per semester.