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Important Note

Freshmen who enrolled at Boston University prior to Fall 2018, and transfer students who enrolled prior to Fall 2020, please see the Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations Curriculum Guide.

One thing about this business: it changes every day, if not every hour. With a specialization in advertising, you’ll learn fundamental principles that will help you adapt throughout your career, as well as developing skills to land your first job. Advertising studies focus on marketing strategy, applied creativity and higher-level principles of communication.

Communication: the foundation.

At COM, you’ll learn from practicing professionals as well as leading communication scholars.
At COM, you’ll learn from practicing professionals as well as leading communication scholars.

Acquire a foundation in theory, research and other important mass communication concepts. Develop skills that include writing clearly, speaking effectively and thinking critically. Our Bachelor of Science in Advertising prepares you for a career in advertising, public relations, marketing, health communication, employee relations, media research, sales promotion, or for graduate studies.

At COM, you’ll learn from practicing professionals as well as leading communication scholars. Our faculty is large and diverse; we have a wide choice of courses so you can tailor your COM education to your interests.

Learn by doing.

COM is professionally oriented. Courses emphasize usable principles and skills. You can get real experience on real accounts through AdLab and PRLab, our highly rated, student-run agencies that service clients throughout Boston and New England. Internship opportunities abound at leading, international firms in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and other major media markets in the US. You can also choose an internship abroad in London, Sydney or Dublin.

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COM, as in community.

COM, of course, is short for “Communication.” But it represents more than just a field of study. At COM you’re part of vibrant community of talented students and faculty who share a passion for storytelling, learning and making a difference. Students form close bonds, learn to work collaboratively and form relationships that last long after graduation. Mentorships turn into lifelong friendships between professor and student.

You also become part of the Boston University community. As a world-renowned major research university, BU attracts a diverse, international student body with interests from art to engineering to zoology. Studies are challenging, social lives active and relationships rewarding.

Finally, your even greater community is Boston. What better place to study? Boston is a leading international city and the seventh-largest media market in the country. It’s a favorite destination of international travelers. Fenway Park is practically in BU’s backyard. The Patriots have been known to win a Super Bowl or two. There are thriving social, cultural and entertainment scenes. And, as a major high tech and innovation hub, the city remains at the forefront of the communication revolution.

Join our (very successful) ranks.

BU has a great track record of preparing students to excel in the communication industry. COM alumni are both a great source of professional contacts throughout your career and a source of inspiration. You’ll find them in leadership positions in virtually every area of mass communication around the world.

Become one of them.