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Robert Manoff

Professor, Journalism

Mr. Manoff has been managing editor of Harper’s Magazine and editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, among other editorial positions he has held. He has published on the media and international and ethnic conflict; the media and international security; and media and politics in The New York Times Magazine and op-ed page, Harper’s, the International Herald Tribune, the Journal of Communication, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, The Nation, Journalism Quarterly, and ETC—The Journal of General Semantics, among other publications. Professor Manoff co-edited and contributed to Reading the News (Pantheon), which in 1995 was named one of the 20 outstanding books on the media during the previous decade by the Freedom Forum Media Studies Center. He has taught at MIT, Brown, Columbia, and NYU, where he also co-founded and directed the Center for War, Peace, and the News Media. He has won or participated in a number of awards, including the Joel R. Seldin Prize for writing on the psychology of war and peace; the Overseas Press Club Award for the best foreign reporting (as editor for V.S. Naipaul); and the Olive Branch Award, for writing on nuclear issues, for which he was also honored by the Japanese Newspaper Publishers Association and the Mellett Award for improving journalism through criticism. He serves on the editorial board of Journalism: Theory, Practice, and Criticism.


BA, Haverford College
MCP, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Email: rmanoff@bu.edu
Office: 219F