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Lou UreneckProfessor, Journalism

Lou Ureneck is the author of “Backcast,” which won the National Outdoor Book Award in 2007. His most recent book, “Cabin,” was published in the fall of 2011 by Viking Press. A former Nieman fellow, Ureneck was the deputy managing editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer, in charge of the paper’s front page and nightly news operation. His writing has appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times and the Boston Globe. Ureneck’s work includes the development of two websites that were named among the best in the nation and a study of newspaper economics for the Nieman Foundation titled The Business of News. He recently returned from Kiev, where he taught at the National University’s prestigious Mohyla Academy under a Fulbright grant. 


BA, University of New Hampshire


Email: lureneck@bu.edu
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Blog: louureneck.blogspot.com
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