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Hyun-Yeul Lee

mugshotsAssistant Professor of Communication

Hyun-Yeul Lee sees a future world where humans will partner with artifacts to better witness, understand, and testify their every day. Her research focuses on storiedness, design thinking and design innovation as it relates to media technology. She designs new forms of communication artifacts (objects, devices, and services) that explore how artifacts, spaces, individuals, and communities can manage the exchange of story. Lee explores the notion of time and hi/story in context of computational narratives; how events are archived, retrieved, and expressed. She develops experiences that braid the virtual and the physical every day using motion, which she calls “event weaving”.

Lee received her S.M. and Ph.D. from MIT, M.Des. from Carnegie Mellon University, B.I.D, B.F.A in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design. Prior to joining the College of Communication, she was a Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Laboratory Media Fabrics group (formerly Interactive Cinema Group). Her work has been exhibited, published, and catalogued at venues including the ACM, IEEE, OSU, and New York galleries, The Kitchen and Artists Space. You can find her ongoing research projects here.


BFA. BID Rhode Island School of Design
MDES Carnegie Mellon University
SM, PHD Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Email: mailto:hyun@bu.edu