COM students brought home 11 Young Ones Student Awards last week in one of the world’s top student advertising competitions — all but one of them for advertising briefs, placing Boston University fourth in the category among schools in the world.

COM’s Yue (Yvonne) Wang and Rujie (Mia) Lin earned a “Gold Pencil,” the top award in their category in a video for Lays, “Open to Share.”

A “Gold Cube” was awarded to COM’s Alex Chapman and Henry Kruell for their poster series for Amtrak, “The Beauty In Between.”

“We bring creative work to life and match up against students from the world over,” said Doug Gould, professor of the practice for advertising. “The creative world should know there is talent from BU’s College of Communication waiting to arrive at your doorstep, work hard, and write, build, design amazing things.”

The awards, sponsored by the One Club for Creativity since 1986, attracts hundreds of applicants from 17 different countries.

2020 COM student winners:

  • Gold Cube: Amtrak, “Beauty in Between”
    • Alex Chapman and Henry Kruell
  • Gold Pencil: Lays, “Open to Share”
    • Yue (Yvonne) Wang and Rujie (Mia) Lin
  • Silver Pencil: Vans, “Ride Until It’s Right”
    • Alex Chapman and Thomas Nitti
  • Bronze Pencil: NY Times, “The only side we’re on is yours”
    • Kylee Hegarty and Nafeila Waili
  • Bronze Pencil: The North Face. “The North Way”
    • Shubhangi Verma and Jinglin (Serena) Liu
  • Merit: The North Face, “Not your mother’s nature”
    • Hadley Hopkins and Yijun (Vicky) Zhu
  • Merit: The North Face, “Tell her she can. And she will”
    • Margaret Fuller and Jackson Gilvar
  • Merit: NY Times, “In Those Times, In These Times”
    • Tommy Hagerty and Nico Guadagno
  • Merit: Vans, “Let’s See Who Breaks First”
    • Seiji Wakabayashi and Hadley Hopkins
  • Merit: The North Face, “Bravery”
    • Arielle Kimbarovsky, Alex Chapman and Samantha Leone
  • Merit: The North Face, “It’s Your Turn”
    • Julia Lemann and Cammi Lin

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