Adam Sadler in the film Uncut Gems.

An expensively bedazzled Furby is one of the many hustles Adam Sandler’s character is running in the new Safdie Brothers film, Uncut Gems. Photo courtesy of A24 Films

Uncut Gems begins with one of the more unexpected transitions in cinematic history. The camera examines a rare uncut black opal dug up in an Ethiopian mine, then dives into the stone for a psychedelic exploration of its spellbinding colors and facets…before somehow winding up in Adam Sandler’s colon.

While a colonoscopy joke or two might be expected in a typical Sandler film, Uncut Gems, a new film by brothers Josh Safdie (COM’07) and Benny Safdie (COM’08) opening nationwide on Christmas Eve, is something very different. 

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