Mariette DiChristina

Beginning August 15, Mariette DiChristina (’86) will oversee 83 full-time and 107 part-time faculty, 45 staffers, and more than 2,600 undergraduate and graduate students at the College of Communication. She comes to COM from Scientific American where she serves as editor-in-chief. DiChristina is also the executive vice president of the magazine’s parent company, Springer Nature, overseeing the journal Nature and related titles.

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DiChristina spoke about her career and BU experience when she returned to campus in 2016 to receive a Distinguished Alumni Award.

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  1. Very kind and respectable leader. Oneday in the summer vacation after school, I went to writing center for advices and met Mariette by accident. I interrupted her for help how to get the writing center when she was probally reading something on the wall. At that time all the offices were closed and staff left the working places. She was so nice that she not only told me how to go to the office but also guided me there in person. I didn’t know her and thought she was a new student like me because she was so modest and always smiling. She helpped me a lot when she knew that I want a help in English writing. Thank her so much. I’m honor to meet her and believe she can guide the school to a brilliant future.

  2. Mariette is one of the most amazing thinkers I’ve ever met. I’ve once next to her at science conferences and been shamed when I stared over her shoulder at her notes about the lectures, when compared to mine. And I’m a scientist. Nobody–nobody–thinks more clearly, or more quickly, or is better able to understand the societal impact of any given topic that may arise. BU has gotten the savviest person I know into a position where she can do immense good.

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