Christopher Sumlin (’19), a recent graduate from the MS in Television program, recently submitted his thesis project to the ScreenCraft Writers Summit (in partnership with the Atlanta Film Festival). Sumlin wanted to share his story with the past, present and future BU community, to inspire others to have the confidence to share their own work. Here is his story.

“After being taught by phenomenal professors such as Sam Sokolow, Garland Waller, and Paul Schneider, I decided to take my thesis project to the Screencraft Writers Summit in Atlanta. The summit consisted of a pitch competition that nearly 300 TV/Film writers participated in. My pitch was only 1 minute and 45 seconds. After two rounds of presenting that pitch, I won 1st place in the competition, and was granted the title of “The Best Pitch of The 2019 Summit”. It’s important to share this story with other young writers and BU students because it goes to show what we can do when we dedicate ourselves to our projects. It was because of my academic training at BU that I was equipped with the skills needed in order to win. This wasn’t a Summit for students or any kind of small group—people of all ages, demographics and skill sets participated. I currently have two production companies and an agent interested in reviewing my materials because of the competition. I hope other students can see this victory as something inspiring that will motivate them to take their projects out into the world.”

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