BUTV10 Broadcast on November 8th at 7pm

This Tuesday, November 8th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, BUTV10 will be producing The Vote 2016, a live election night broadcast. BUTV10 reporters will be reporting live from Clinton and Trump election-night headquarters in New York along with reporting from the GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Democratic GOV. Maggie Hassan’s headquarters in New Hampshire. Live feeds will also be running from Washington, D.C. and BUTV10 studios in Boston.

The broadcast will provide the most updated results on the presidential race and Congressional contests, along with live in-studio interviews with political experts. “Our show looks to incorporate and showcase the talent of many of COM’s programs and student organizations” said Natalie Robson, Executive Producer of The Vote 2016.

The Vote 2016 will be produced by BUTV10, the journalism and film & tv departments at COM, BU News Service, State House Program and WTBU. This is the fourth year of this collaboration on election coverage, including the 2012 election, 2014 midterms, and the 2016 New Hampshire Primaries.

Watch the three-hour broadcast starting at 7pm on November 8th 2016 here.

Written by: Tatiana M.R. Johnson

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