Alumna Andrea Taylor (’68) challenged Boston University’s College of Communication Class of 2016 to look way in the future and decide what they want their legacy to be.

A BU trustee and president and CEO of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Taylor spoke at the school’s undergraduate Convocation on May 13. “Today…we gaze into a crystal ball and envision your journey over the next half century to the year 2066,” she said. “It may sound like a long time from now, but take it from me—and I have the gray hair to prove it—it will be here before you know it. No one knows at the beginning of life’s journey what lies ahead, but everyone leaves a legacy, whether planned or not.”

“You have unlimited potential. The whole world is watching and cheering from the sidelines as millennials—the generation of which you are a part—step onto the world stage with the energy and desire to transform local, national, and global society. Remember, defining and stamping your legacy begins now. As communicators, use your voices wisely. We are listening.”

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