Associate Director, Major Gifts at Boston College

What has your career/education path been like since graduating?

Like many of my peers, my career did not take me exactly where I thought it would when I was a student at BU, but I love the work I do and am glad I found this career. My first job after graduating from the program was in the area of development/fundraising for a hospital in Boston. I am still doing development/fundraising work, but now work in higher education, which has always been a passion of mine. It’s really great to combine my passion with the experiences and skills I learned at BU.

Why did you choose your particular field of study at COM?

I had studied mass communications as an undergrad, and wanted to learn more about public relations, which is why I chose the program at BU. I loved the idea of managing relationships and learning new skills that would help me become a well-rounded professional.

What skills from the program have you found most valuable?

Some of the skills I have found the most valuable from the program include: writing, critical thinking and networking. I loved that all my courses were taught by really accomplished and talented faculty, and the BU COM network has so many successful alumni.

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