Tobe Berkovitz
Associate Professor of Advertising

WBZ-AM, First Medical Marijuana Ad To Run On Comcast In Mass. (3/4/14)

John Carroll
Assistant Professor, Mass Communication

WBUR’s “Cognoscenti,” Will Government Regulation Vaporize E-Cigarettes? (3/12/14)

WBUR’s “Radio Boston,” Week In Review: Scott Brown, Marathon Security, Minimum Wage (3/15/14)

WBUR’s “Here and Now,” Marketers Drill Into Customer Data Like Never Before (3/21/14)
E-Commerce Times, Headless Web Traffic Threatens Internet Economy (3/25/14)

WBUR’s “Cognoscenti,” Where Delete Is The New Default: Welcome To The Erasable Internet (3/31/24)


Caryl Rivers
Professor, Journalism

Workforce Management, Interview With Caryl Rivers: Beware Subtle Bias (3/9/14)

The Boston Globe, Authors work to reveal hidden gender bias (3/30/14)


Tammy Vigil
Assistant Professor, Communication, Texts fail when delivering tragic news, experts say (3/25/14)


Tobe Berkovitz
Associate Professor of Advertising

Boston Herald, Obama trip to China has big price (3/22/14)

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