In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, the Journalism Department faculty sponsored an afternoon devoted to “lessons learned” about reporting in hazardous conditions. The “town hall” meeting, hosted by Prof. Chris Daly on September 20, featured a panel of news veterans, a Skype conference with young BU alumni, and a discussion of how to protect yourself while on assignment.

BUTV reporter Chelsea Glincman went to the panel discussion to see what advice the experts could offer to aspiring BU journalists.

The panel included print and photojournalism experts who have gained valuable experience about safety while reporting in the field:

  • Elizabeth Mehren, journalism professor, worked for Los Angeles Times
  • Peter Southwick, photojournalism professor, worked for the Associated Press and The Boston Globe
  • Dominic Chavez, independent photojournalist
  • Dina Kraft, photojournalist for the Associated Press

Recent Boston University journalism alumnae Brittany Lyte, Vivian Ho, and Jeannie Nuss joined the discussion via Skype. Prof. Peter Smith also contributed a video with interviews from various BU faculty and students about their experience with safety during reporting in hazardous situations.

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