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A woman walks down the street in Cojimar, where she resides with her son. Photo by Taylor HartzThe stadium starts filling up for a baseball game at the Estadio Latinoamericano for a game between the Matanzas Cocodrilos and the Industriales of Havana. Photo by Michael CummoMembers of the Matanzas baseball team watch their teammates warm up before a rivalry game against the Industriales Blue Lions at the Estadio Latinamerico in Havana on March 28, 2013. Photo by Michael CummoChildren cheer on their classmates during a foot race in Havana on March 27, 2013. Photo by Stacey RupoloA dancer stretches her legs after an hour long dance practice at Teatro Nacional de Cuba in Havana on March 28, 2013. Photo by Stacey RupoloReynaldo Gonzalez, owner of Casa De La Habana in the Old Havana section of Havana lights a cigar using the traditional method instead of with a lighter on March 25, 2013. Photo by Scott EisenA view of an intersection with two antique cars in Havana on March 27, 2013. Photo by Scott EisenA Danza Contemporanea member stretches after practice at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba in Havana on Thursday. The 19-year-old contemporary dancer has been dancing for more than nine years. Photo by Melanie RiedersA man on a rickshaw drives by an old American car at a Havana neighborhood. Photo by Sara GanzhornThe entrance to the Chevent Achim Orthodox Synagogue, in Old Havana on March 27, 2013. Chevent Achim is the oldest Synagogue in Cuba. Photo by Taylor HartzReflection: A young man stares out the window of a bus in Havana on Wednesday March 27. Photo by Stacey RupoloA packed pedestrian avenue in Havana. Photo by Sarah Ganzhorn


In spring of 2013, Boston University journalism and photography students made a weeklong trip to Cuba. By special arrangement, GlobalPost presented six stories that emerged from their trip. The introductory piece is by Stephen Kinzer, the former New York Times foreign correspondent who is an adjunct journalism professor. The five stories that followed were written by his students. Photos were taken by students working under the guidance of prize-winning photographer Essdras Suarez.

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Cuba, Foreign Reporting, JO516, Journalism, Stephen Kinzer, student work

Foreign Reporting

This course covers the practical, critical and theoretical issues involved in reporting the world for domestic audiences. How can journalists best report on different cultures? How can they demystify "the other" for their readers and viewers? How do you work with a "fixer"? Manage your own trauma? Stay safe? How does 19th Century colonialism still influence foreign coverage and how do you escape this influence? What's to be learned from Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" about reporting on Africa? When is personalizing the news a bad idea and when is a good time to do it?

Students read outstanding examples of foreign reporting, workshop their stories, and learn how to be successful given the current standards for foreign reporting. However, in light of such challenges as globalization, global warming, ethno-national conflict and the rise of China, the class also debates how to develop better norms in the future.