Caryl Rivers

Have women finally gained an advantage over men in the workplace? In The End of Men, Hannah Rosin contends that female dominance in college classrooms foreshadows a more prominently female job market.

However, Prof. Caryl Rivers and Rosalind Barnett argue that the greater numbers of women won’t make much of a difference unless they attain leadership positions in the job market.

In an essay published in the Los Angeles Times (Oct. 7, 2012), Rivers and Barnett argue that while women have made gains in the workplace, that growth is slowing.

From their essay:

“With end-of-men scare stories, the media routinely exaggerate women’s success and present the worst possible scenarios for men. The implicit message for women is “step back, you’ve gone too far. You’re hurting men.” But women still have miles to go to achieve gender equality. And we know from prior research that when men feel threatened, they tend to energetically protect their status. If men believe that women are passing them by, they may be less likely to hire women, mentor them or value them as colleagues.”

Read the rest of Working in America: The myth of men in decline.

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