The annual COM Blue Chip award is given to College of Communication seniors who are leaders at Boston University, the College of Communication or in the community. These students also have demonstrated talents in their area of interest, are involved in professional activities and have excelled academically.

This year, the winners include a Redstone winner, a radio DJ, and the alter-ego of Rhett Terrier, BU’s mascot. The recipients are as follows:

  • Miles Branman
  • Liz Breen
  • Brian DeVito
  • Ali Donohue
  • Joel Kahn
  • Jason Kaplan
  • Maggie Kimball
  • Ashley Simmons
  • Kedzie Teller
  • Christina Vailas
  • Christine Warner
  • Emily Webb
  • Emily Wienberg
  • Chris Wilcox

Read more about the winners on the Blue Chip award page.

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