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Mad Men’s Jacquemettons on how they ‘drive the train’

Husband-and-wife team Andre and Maria Jacquemetton (’85) — executive producers and writers on AMC’s Mad Men talk to BU Today about their role on the show in advance of their visit to Cinematheque:

Was it difficult to get back into the swing of writing for the show after such a long break? What did you do during the hiatus?

Maria Jacquemetton: We never stopped writing. We have several other projects going at any given time. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to be on Mad Men for five seasons now, but there are always months off. We have our own passion projects and shows that we want to run, and that’s what we work on when we’re not on the show.

André Jacquemetton: Hiatus is an opportunity to revisit your own voice and push the projects that you really love, that are really you. You have to exercise that voice and find that balance, or else you’re not going to be able to go back to Mad Men.

Maria Jacquemetton: Or any show and write someone else’s voice. It’s a different skill set. When you’re on a show, your job is to write the show in that voice. When you’re on hiatus, then it’s your turn to develop your own voice, and to grow as a writer in your own creative realm, where you’re the god of it all.

André Jacquemetton: And you have to be productive, because your agent is always trying to sell you. You have to constantly meet deadlines and write new scripts, so that they can have something that’s really you.

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