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COM students reach finals at Boston Student Film Fest

It could be a happy ending right out of a movie.

Four COM students have reached the final rounds of the first annual Boston Student Film Fest, which they say could help them get the exposure they need to jump-start their cinematic dreams, according to a March 22 article in The Daily Free Press.

The 4 finalists, out of 12 total, are Evan Moore (’12), Alan Rill (’12), and graduate students Joe Dryer and David Charpentier:

Charpentier submitted a narrative short film called “Aperitif,” a five-minute tale of a woman’s social drinking leading to a night of unpleasantness with her husband.

“This piece is about the confusion of drinking, the awkwardness certain people experience in these situations, the mix of happiness and regret and the after effects — the uncomfortable repercussions and the catharsis and the impact that has on a relationship,” he said in an email interview.

Charpentier said creating this film was a personal journey.

“The process of creating this project, or any project, is about learning about and improving upon what has been done before,” he said. “For the creator . . . it can also provide a certain emotional release; a divestment of certain issues whether they be political, social or personal.”

Read more at The Daily Free Press.


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