COM professors sought for commentary recently include:

Judith Austin
Associate Professor, Communication

Boston Business Journal, Hill Holliday gears up to pitch BofA (1/20/12)

Fred Bayles
Associate Professor, Journalism

International Business Times, Romney’s Health Care Views Different From Obama, Republicans Say: Poll (1/26/12)

Tobe Berkovitz
Associate Professor, Advertising

The Hill, Confident Obama struts his stuff (1/26/12), Spending by Super PACs Shows Deep Differences (1/25/12)
Newsmax, Obama’s Focus on Middle Class Is a Veiled Shot at Romney (1/24/12)
The Hill, Obama’s target: Mitt Romney (1/24/12)
International Business Times, Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown Spending Pact Faces Challenges in Post-Citizens United World (1/24/12)
Hartford Courant, U.S. Senate Candidates Mine Personal Histories For Stories that Resonate (1/21/12)
WGBH Radio, Touting Bipartisanship, Brown Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign (1/20/12)
Bloomberg, Romney Depicted as Corporate Raider in Documentary by Pro-Gingrich Group (1/8/12)
New York Daily News, ‘Moderate’ label for Mitt Romney could be a winner versus President Obama (1/8/12)
Arizona Republic, State Sen. Scott Bundgaard resigns from Legislature (1/7/12)
Reuters, Odd allies: Gingrich, Obama align in attacks on Romney (1/4/12)
NPR, All Things Considered, Mass. Senate race a battle over who’s more populist (12/21/11)

Christopher Cakebread
Assistant Professor, Advertising

Boston Herald, Experts say Tim Thomas will shrug off prez slight (1/25/12)
Boston Herald, Many businesses blundered through 2011 (1/3/11)

John Carroll
Assistant Professor, Mass Communication

NECN, John Carroll: State of the Union was ‘long, fairly boring'” (1/26/12)
Boston Globe, John Carroll: Ad smart to position Romney as weak matchup with Obama (1/19/12)
Boston Globe, Rivals hit Mitt Romney on business record (1/8/12)
The Guardian, New Hampshire the next Republican battleground (1/4/12)
NECN, Campaign Advertisements: ‘This looks like too little too late’ (1/3/12)
WBUR, Here and Now, Negative ads dominate airwaves in Iowa (1/2/12)
Boston Globe, AdWatch: Gingrich, Perry attacked on immigration (12/23/11)

Tom Fauls
Associate Professor, Advertising

Boston Herald, Up to Code (1/30/12)

Thomas Fiedler
Dean, College of Communication
Professor of the Practice, Journalism

Politico’s The Arena, After S.C. loss, should Romney be running scared? (1/21/12)
WGBH-TV Ch. 2 Greater Boston, Beat the Press: Panel rants and raves (1/20/12)
WGBH-TV Ch. 2 Greater Boston, Beat the Press: Websites go dark to protest piracy legislation (1/20/12)
WGBH-TV Ch. 2 Greater Boston, Beat the Press: ABC airs an interview with Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife (1/20/12)
NECN, How will the Iowa Caucuses go down? (1/11/12)
WGBH-TV Ch. 2 Greater Boston, Beat the Press: Is credit owed for the Globe’s sex abuse story? (1/6/12)
WGBH-TV Ch. 2 Greater Boston, Beat the Press: Coverage of the Iowa caucus (1/6/12)
WGBH-TV Ch. 2 Greater Boston, Beat the Press: Rupert Murdoch gets tricked on Twitter (1/6/12)
WGBH-TV Ch. 2 Greater Boston, Beat the Press: Panel rants and raves (1/6/12)
Media Matters for America, George Will’s “Ethically Challenged” Relationship With The Bradley Foundation (1/5/12)

Geoffrey Klapisch
Lecturer in Communication

Boston Globe, Ads are longer, stakes higher, for Super Bowl commercials (1/28/12)

Caryl Rivers
Professor, Journalism

Los Angeles Times, Gender equity: Doing the math (1/24/12)

R.D. Sahl
Department of Journalism

NECN, Analysis on Romney’s win (1/10/12)

Paul Schneider
Associate Professor, Film & Television

NECN, Greg’s List: Boston actors of Bulger movie in sight (1/19/12)
Cape Cod Times, Searching for the Cape’s old movie theaters

Tammy Vigil
Assistant Professor, Communication

Boston Globe, Casino opponents use social media to build their cases (12/29/11)

Susan Walker
Associate Professor, Journalism

Boston Herald, Viewers not in tune with N.H. primary (1/21/12)
Boston Herald, Kim Carrigan firing a sign of the times (1/5/12)
Boston Globe, WBZ gets new look as competitors pick up viewers (1/10/12)

Mitchell Zuckoff
Associate Professor, Journalism

Framingham Patch, Lost In Shangri-La, Chaucer, Hitler and Translations Topics of Free Lectures in February (1/25/12), Lecture series offered in February by local library, Framingham State (1/23/12)
MetroWest Daily News, Author tells incredible true story of Shangri-La (1/9/12)

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