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COM prof’s book challenges gender stereotypes


BU journalism professor Caryl Rivers is a nationally known journalist, columnist, media critic and author of 15 books. Her newest book, The Truth about Girls and Boys: Challenging Toxic Stereotypes about Our Children (Columbia University Press, 2011) is coauthored by Rosalind C. Barnett, a Brandeis University women’s studies researcher, and addresses the widespread belief that boys and girls are “wired” to learn differently and should be taught separately.

An excerpt from a Q&A with BU Today:

What should be the model for gender equality in education?

When you see kids in environments where there’s a real effort made to be nonsexist, you do find that kids grow up to be more nonsexist. There’s a lot of research finding that kids from traditional gender families grow up to have those traditional ideas, but kids with more free-floating, nonsexist environments when they’re young grow up to have nonsexist ideas.

Read the rest of the interview at BU Today.

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