In 2009, Kristen Ruby (’09) left her secure corporate job to start her own social media site. Two years on, her risk has reaped rewards and her site is getting some national media attention.

An excerpt from a Q&A with TIME

That week, I left my job, along with the comfort and stability of a steady paycheck. It was the height of the recession and the biggest challenge, beside the dire economic conditions, became leaving financial security for a lifestyle with virtually no security. While I knew I was taking a big risk, I didn’t agree with the mindset of people who thought there was less risk in working at a corporation for years. I simply started putting my previous PR experience to work, building the right strategic alliances and partnerships, and putting out feelers to my network to let them know that I was making the change and going out on my own. Sure enough, I soon received a call from a strategic partner, asking to bring me in on a project.

Read the rest of the interview at TIME Moneyland.

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