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A Man listens to the sermon during a church service outside of the destroyed Mount Peria Baptist Church in Ringgold, Ga.A once two story house is now only one story on one of the main roads in Ringgold, Ga.The congregation of Mount Peria Baptist Church gather for Sunday Mass outside of their now destroyed church.Debris from 2 houses in Cleveland, Tenn.Photographer Ryan McBride surveys to destruction in Cleveland, Tenn.A neighborhood in Cleveland, Tenn., that was heavily damaged by an EF4 tornado

Scott Eisen helps tell tornadoes’ tale


As devastating tornadoes rampaged through the South in late April, Scott Eisen (’13) did not sit back and idly watch the TV reports. He and a friend grabbed their cameras and headed down to Georgia and Tennessee to document the devastation first hand.

Q&A with Scott Eisen

What motivated you to just pick up and go shoot in Georgia and Tennessee?

I was meeting with a photographer a few years ago, and he was talking about how the stories that need to be covered are the ones that no one is covering. And those are usually the most important. [Television news] was covering what was happening in Alabama, but not in Georgia or Tennessee. One friend and I had just enough money, and there was one hotel room left, so we just kind of went for it.

What did the experience teach you?

It taught me that you need to worry more about the story than anything else. Don’t be focused on the money that you’re going to spend to go. Don’t be worried about not having the best equipment. Go and take care of the story, and worry about everything else later.

How have your experiences at COM shaped you as a photographer/journalist?

I have learned from professors that I need to seek the truth. I need to get the story and show it to the world. Even the stories that nobody wants to find. I have also been shaped by other students because each of them thinks and works differently. This allows each of us to bounce ideas and thoughts off each other.

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Scott Eisen

Scott Eisen, a native of Hingham, Mass., is a photojournalism student at COM. He has worked for a few greater Boston publications. He has covered news ranging from kindergarten tea parties to presidential events. Scott discovered his love of the still camera as a high school student at Thayer Academy. For his senior project he handled multiple assignments for publication in Gatehouse Media’s family of publications. After college, Scott hopes to work on documentary stories for magazines.

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