By Juliana Nicholson (’11)

While Chris Roewe (’14) may have been inspired by the movie-mayhem in his hometown of Los Angeles, he chose to study filmmaking nearly 3,000 miles away in Boston.

Roewe says that Boston has a different “energy and vibe” from his hometown, and he enjoys exploring the city. “I have made so many awesome friends so far and have taken really good classes with really smart professors,” he says, “but my favorite experiences so far are going into the city of Boston.”

Raised by parents who both work in the industry, it comes as little surprise to learn that Roewe has such a strong passion for filmmaking. As a child he would tag along with his parents to work and “dream about working in an office like theirs.”

Just a rising sophomore, Roewe is laying the groundwork for reaching his big dreams. He has already won the CineYouth 2011 “Best Horror Film: Senior Division” award for a film he directed while still in high school. The film, titled ALONE, is a thriller that follows a 10-year-old boy named Steven as he is left at home alone for the first time. Steven’s carefree night turns tense after he learns that a killer is on the loose. The film leaves viewers questioning if a murderer is really out to get the young boy, or if it’s all in his head.

Now that Roewe has tasted success he is ready to work harder than ever. He plans to take a screenwriting course this fall, and he is excited to work with the Film and Television department faculty. “I know that some have written books on film and worked in the industry, so honestly I am excited about learning from them,” he says.

For the next three years Roewe plans to continue his growth as a filmmaker in his new East Coast home. With the rest of his college education standing before him, how will Roewe expand upon his success? More movies? More awards? Perhaps a corner office in Hollywood?

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