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CRC at the National Communication Association convention

The following papers were presented by CRC Researchers at the National Communication Association convention (New Orleans, LA):

From Lumpy Rutherford to Nelson Muntz: A Content Analysis of Bullying in Sitcoms
Patrice Oppliger
Alexandra Sear

The Violence Profile: Cable Programs
James Shanahan
David Blumberg
Allyson Galle
Joe Hamel
Olivia Neir

The Violence Profile: Alienation, Gloom and the Mean World
Mina Tsay
James Shanahan

Time and Space Compression in Fox’s 24: Affordance of Narrative in Revealing a Masculinist Discourse
Mina Tsay

Will You Be My Friend? Does Social Media Make You Social or Anti-Social? (a panel)
Tammy Vigil

An Eye for an Ear and Time vs. Space: Analyzing Social Media from the Technological Determinism Perspective
Tobe Berkovitz

Are Social Media Perceived to Have a Greater Impact on Others than the Self? Exploring Third-person Effects in the Context of New Media
Mina Tsay

Cultivation in the ‘New’ New Media Environment: Observations on the Evolution of Theory and Technology
James Shanahan

Parasocial Relationships in 140 Characters or Less
Patrice Oppliger