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Erica Hill (’98) queries President Obama on Libya

Erica Hill (’98), co-host of The Early Show, interviewed President Barack Obama on March 29, 2011 to find out how the U.S. plans to diplomatically handle the no-fly zone over Libya:

“I think it’s too early to tell what’s gonna happen,” the president said. “Here’s what we do know. Because of our intervention — probably thousands of lives have been saved. Qaddafi’s forces have been greatly degraded, so he can do a lot less damage, a lot less harm inside of Libya. We’ve been able to set up a no fly zone that assures that he’s not using his air power against his own people. … So the noose has tightened around him. And it — we are now gonna be moving into a phase where having maintained the no fly zone, continuing to protect the Libyan people — we’ve gotta ratchet up our diplomatic and our political pressure on him. … so that at some point — he makes a decision to leave.”

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