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COM alum snags spot at Sundance

With a small film about a pet alligator, Zachary Treitz (’07) beat the odds to fill one of only 81 spots for short films at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. “We’re Leaving” is Treitz’s directorial debut at Sundance, having produced the festival’s well-regarded Daddy Longlegs last year. BU Today spoke to him about COM, Sundance and getting alligators to crawl into bathtubs:

How did the focus on the alligator come about?
I basically realized I wanted to tell this one short story, and it was based on the guy I’d known. So the story was that he owned this alligator, and it lived with him in his house. And every week or so, he would open its gate and it would come stomping down the hallway on its own, and turn into the bathroom and just jump into the tub. It was like this trained Pavlovian response that it had of getting into the bathtub, and I thought, oh, my God, I want to see that. It would be so cool to share that image with somebody.

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