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Charlie Anderson’s Werewolf Trouble


Werewolf Trouble posterRyan is a werewolf by night, regular guy by day. Horrified to wake up one morning, covered in blood and only partially transformed, he enlists his roommates to return him to his normal human form in time for an important romantic rendez-vous.

Werewolf Trouble won the CINE “Special Jury” and “Golden Eagle” awards. It has screened at 12 major film festivals, including the Academy qualifying Palm Springs Shortfest, and won “Best New Filmmaker” at Boston Film Night, “Best Makeup FX” at the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival, and was nominated for “Best Short” at the Dark Carnival Film Festival.

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Charlie Anderson

Charlie Anderson is a filmmaker, a BU MFA Film Graduate and a part-time lecturer at Boston University College of Communication. Born and raised in Indiana, Charlie headed west after completing his undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing at Ball State University. He worked as an actor in Hollywood, appearing in productions such as Beverly Hills 90210, Murphy Brown, and various MTV music videos. But his desire to become a well-rounded filmmaker and once again shovel snow led him back to school in Boston.

Charlie’s work at Boston University has won awards and screened at dozens of festivals. He is also an active member of the Boston filmmaking community as an actor, assistant director, FX makeup artist, sound recordist and still photographer on projects ranging from internet shorts to feature films.

Werewolf Trouble was written, directed and edited by Charlie Anderson. Charlie also designed and executed the makeup FX. The film was produced for Professor Sam Kauffmann’s Film Production 2 class with help from the following Boston University students:

  • Camera: Jeff Boedeker
  • Assistant Director: Kelly Smart
  • Sound: Nancy Melchert
  • Second AD and Still Photographer: Rob Ribera
  • Cast: Ryan Conrath, Matt Lawrence and Rob Ribera

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