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Zombies invade BU, take over radio station

zombie attack

Don’t take refuge in a mall just yet — students who saw brain-hungry zombies groaning their way across campus on Oct. 28 should be advised that these were, in fact, actors promoting Undead End, a zombie radio drama on WTBU.

BU Today looks at the creative (and delicious) minds behind the project:

Orson Welles has an admirer in Nate Goldman (COM’11), who this fall launched the radio performance department at WTBU, the University’s student-run radio station. He scripted Undead End as its first show. “I always thought Orson Welles’ performance and his idea to simulate actual news broadcasts was 70 years ahead of its time,” says Goldman. Where Welles trafficked in extraterrestrials, Goldman’s love is extraterra corpses. “To me, zombies are arguably the coolest science fiction monsters of all time,” he says. “They are the quintessential example of our humanity becoming devoid of anything that resembles a human.”

Read moarrrrrrrgghhhh.


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