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Documentary: Growing up with AIDS

Prof. Sam Kauffmann recently talked to BU Today about his latest film, Kids Living with Slim — a follow up to his 2004 documentary, Living with Slim: Kids Talk About HIV/AIDS. In that film, seven African children talk about what it’s like to be HIV-positive. Kauffmann tracked down his original subjects to find out how they’re doing today.

From the BU Today article:

What were your challenges in making the second film?

Whenever you’re making a film about people who are not adults, it’s difficult to know how much to ask and what’s appropriate to ask. We got into topics like sexuality and partner choices. It was tricky to navigate, so I erred on the side of respect for their privacy.

Often I would go to a school or film them with their friends, and they wouldn’t speak much English, but rather Luganda or Swahili. There were times when I was filming, and I had no idea what I was getting, because I didn’t know what they were talking about.

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