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Robert Andersen’s Asbury Park


Asbury Park is Director Robert Andersen’s (’10) story of a young man who returns to his hometown seeking redemption and forgiveness from his mother and brother. The film won the 2010 Boston International Film Festival and BU’s Redstone West Film Festival. Asbury Park was an official selection at the Academy-Qualifying Atlanta Film Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival and 11 other film festivals.


  • Boston International Film Festival, 2010
  • Redstone West Festival, 2010

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Robert Andersen

Cinema, and its ability to speak to the masses, is a driving force behind everything Robert Andersen does. Robert was raised just miles from Asbury Park, the town at the center of his award-winning graduate thesis film of the same name.

Robert, after studying English, film and philosophy at Rutgers University, enrolled in the graduate Film Production program at Boston University’s College of Communication and joined a community that pushed his filmmaking drive and imagination. Not only did Robert learn filmmaking, he learned the heart and soul of cinema: working with actors. In his directing class (COMFT526 – Directing the Theatrical and Television Film) Robert studied under a giant of Boston independent film, Jan Egleson, and worked alongside theatre students from the University’s College of Fine Arts. Robert learned the “actor’s language” and absorbed skills he applied creating Asbury Park.

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