Boston University photojournalism students won every award (15 total) in the 2008 Boston Press Photographers Association College Contest. Judges this year included Faith Ninivaggi of the Boston Herald, Bill Greene of the Boston Globe and Bill Sikes of the Associated Press. Visit the Photojournalism Department website to view the winners’ gallery.


First – Nicholas Welles, “Hope”

Second – Max Esposito, “Waiting for History”

Third – Andrew Bisdale, “Inauguration 2009”

First – Ying Shi, “Blue”

Second – Nicholas Welles, “Light and Shadow”

Third – William Nunnally, “Salsa for Hancock”

First – Andrew Bisdale, “South Street Seaport”

Second – Andrew Bisdale, “Keren’s Big Audition”

Third – Ilir Bajraktari, “Atheist”

First – Nicholas Welles, “Defeat”

Second – Max Esposito, “Our Win”

Third –  Sarabeth Glicksteen, “The Sport of Warlocks”

First – Tiago Genovese, “Bob Wright”

Second – Ilir Bajraktari, “Boxer Training”

Third – Ilir Bajraktari, “Prosthetic Hunter”

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